Off to antiquity!

A mysterious well shaft. The largest late antique silver treasure. The best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps. Experience hands on the captivating history of the site: welcome to Augusta Raurica!

Augusta Raurica is the perfect excursion destination – for the whole family, for your school or for groups who wish to take a guided tour. Find out more about all the different adventures that await you here!

However, Augusta Raurica is much more than just a tourist destination. You can find out more about exciting research projects, excavations and conservation.


Plan for people with limited mobility

Plan for people with limited mobility





The nameless ghost

A mystery tour full of scents and smells

Daily from 10.00 AM until 04.00 PM
Duration approx. 1 hour

Sporty through the Roman period

An Orienteering through Roman times!

Daily from 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM

Opening Hours

Museum & Roman House

Daily 10 a.m. 5 p.m.

Outdoor Areas, Zoo
and Protected Houses

Daily von 10 a.m. 5 p.m.

Closed on 24th, 25th,
31st December and 1st January


Aussenanlagen, Tierpark und Schutzhäuser


Museum & Römerhaus

Voller Preis: CHF 8.
Erwachsene (ab 18 Jahren)

Reduzierter Preis: CHF 6.
Kinder/Jugendliche (6 –17 Jahre)
Personen in Ausbildung (bis 26 Jahre)
AHV-Bezüger*innen (Rentner*innen)
Gruppen ab 10 Personen, pro Person

Detaillierte Informationen zu freien Eintritten und weiteren Sondertarifen

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Giebenacherstrasse 17
CH-4302 Augst

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