Augmented reality app: audio story in the commercial buildings

Dive into the past with the "Augusta Raurica AR Experience" augmented reality app.

A virtual journey into the past
Explore the Roman commercial buildings and immerse yourself in ancient life on site with the new "Augusta Raurica AR Experience" augmented reality app. The audio story recounts the final hours before the disastrous fire that occurred in around the year 300. You can also select archaeological finds to call up interactively. The tour only works at the ruins.

Preparation and follow-up
Use the supporting documents "Rediscovered – Remains from the Roman commercial buildings" to complete the experience with entertaining preparation and follow-up activities in the classroom.

You will need a free ticket to access the commercial buildings.
You can get this from the museum ticket desk (10:00-17:00) or via the ticket shop

Topic module: Rediscovered - Remains from the Roman commercial buildings

Augusta Raurica

This module is all about the remains people leave behind and which remains we find from Roman times. The purpose of the module is to prepare for and follow up on a visit to the commercial buildings and the augmented reality "AR Experience". However, these fascinating topics can be covered in lessons even without a visit.



Offer for


4th – 8th grade (10–14 years)

Group size

Max. 28 pupils (1 accompanying adult per 15 pupils)

Possible languages





Approx. 1 hour Audio drama: 18 mins. / Interactive tour: approx. 30 mins.


Rental times: Mon-Fri: 09:00–12:00


Meeting point

Accompanying persons

2 accompanying adults recommended


At our visitor services, no later than 7 working days before your visit



1 hour with tablet rental CHF 20.00, 1 hour without tablet rental free of charge


At the museum ticket desk
Free ticket available at the museum ticket desk or via the ticket shop using the QR code on site.


Tel. +41 (0)61 552 22 22 or

Please note / Hints

Each person will need a device (tablet or smartphone) with an internet connection and headphones for the augmented reality audio drama. Check in advance that these devices meet the minimum requirements for the app.

Apple: Operating system iOS 12 or later
Android: Operating system Android 8.1 or later; minimum hardware requirement 2 GB RAM

Augusta Raurica can loan tablets and headphones on site for school groups (28 pupils max.). The class set includes 14 iPads, 28 headphones and 14 headphone splitters so pupils can use the devices in pairs.

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