The building for trade and commerce – a business venture in a prime location

Currently not accessible due to renovation. Reopening on 22nd of April 2022.

When driving from Augst or Kaiseraugst to Rheinfelden today you are basically travelling by a Roman route: beneath the modern road lie the remains of the Roman long-distance route between Basilia (Basle) and Vindonissa (Windisch near Brugg in Canton Aargau). At the turn-off for the districts on the Rhine you can visit several extraordinarily well-preserved buildings.

Immediately facing the road we believe an inn once stood with accommodation on the upper floor. This prime location on a main transport axis would definitely have been the perfect spot for such an enterprise. The rooms on the ground floor also suggest that the building was used for this particular purpose, and in the basement archaeologists found the remains of a cupboard full of supplies and ceramic vessels and a smokehouse for sausages and meat.

The building beside the inn probably housed a fullery with a large masonry trough and a heatable drying room. Further architectural components were found in a small courtyard to the rear of the development including a dwelling with underfloor heating (hypocaust), which might have been where the landlord of the inn and his family lived.

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