Under the magnifying glass. Following the traces of a Roman life story

The new special exhibition from 27 March 2021

How is a find archaeologically researched? We let experts speak! In 2016, a sensational Roman lead coffin was discovered, recovered and meticulously investigated in Augst. The results show exciting insights into a human life from 1700 years ago.

From 27 March 2021 to December 2022 at the Museum Augusta Raurica.

Führung in Gebärdensprache durch die Sonderausstellung "Unter der Lupe"

Augusta Raurica


Cult and herbes – mixtures for the afterlife

Augusta Raurica


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Die Bestattung einer wohlhabenden Frau aus Augusta Raurica

Michael Baumann
FiA 54
Interdisziplinäre Auswertung eines Bleisargs aus dem Nordwestgräberfeld
CHF 40.-
01. January 2021
römische Bleisärge Textilien Anthropologie Histotaphonomie Paläoparasitologie Isotopenanalyse Archäobotanik
Gazette Augusta Raurica

Magazin Augusta Raurica 2021/1

01. March 2021