The Foundation Pro Augusta Raurica

The Foundation Pro Augusta Raurica (PAR) is a private institution whose members promote projects and publications concerning the conservation of, research on and education about Augusta Raurica.

The Foundation PAR was established in 1935. Its history is closely linked with the intention of discovering and scientifically exploring Augusta Raurica and presenting it to the public in a hands-on manner. The financial means to achieve this are made available by way of annual membership fees, donations, gifts and bequests from numerous patrons.

The board ensures that the mission as stipulated in the deed of the foundation is carried out. It also administers the finances and makes decisions concerning the funding of particular projects. In collaboration with the management of Augusta Raurica the foundation board puts on a very attractive annual programme of events for its members. Since 1992 the PAR has also contributed to the maintenance of the animal park at Augusta Raurica.

Mitglieder der Stiftung PAR erleben einzigartige Anlässe.

Augusta Raurica Mitglieder der Stiftung erleben tolle Extraangebote Hier Essen wie in der Roemerzeit

Dank einer Familienmitgliedschaft machen Kinder und ihre Eltern tolle Ausflüge in die Römerzeit.


Stiftung Pro Augusta Raurica
Renate Lakatos

Schwarzackerstrasse 2
CH-4302 Augst
Tel. +41 (0)61 552 22 16