Picnic places and buvette

Picnic places
There are permanent barbecue sites situated in the amphitheatre and next to the Schönbühl temple. 
You will need to bring your own wood with you. Please take your rubbish away and leave the barbecue sites clean and tidy.
Ad hoc fires and barbecues are not permitted anywhere in the grounds of Augusta Raurica.

LUCI – The Augusta Raurica Theatre buvette

Opening hours
Daily from 11am to 5pm, if the weather is kind

April – October
Daily from 10am to 5pm

+41 (0)61 811 35 15
+41 (0)76 506 70 03


Treat your guests to a delicious aperitif in unique surroundings.

In the curia cellar
Maximum 50 people
Season: from May to September (indoors).
Time: from 16.00 to 24.00; after midnight a late-night licence must be obtained.
Cost: CHF 300.– (for residents of Augst/Kaiseraugst CHF 100.–).

In the curia
The ancient town hall is now an open-air setting with seating tiers arranged in a semi-circle.
Season: from May to October (under cover but only limited shelter from rain).
Time: daily until 19.00

In the lapidarium
Our sculpture garden next to the Roman House.
Season: from May to October (open air).
Time: daily until 19.00

At the Temple on the Schönbühl
Open views of the imposing theatre.
Season: from May to October (open air).
Time: daily until 19.00

At least 14 working days in advance with our visitor service, +41 (0)61 552 22 22 or mail@augusta-raurica.ch

Our catering partners

LUCI – The Augusta Raurica Theatre buvette
+41 (0)76 506 70 03
+41 (0)61 811 35 15

Bäckerei Gaugler
+41 (0)61 811 10 08

Rickenbacher Partyservice
+41 (0)61 811 10 22

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