Perfect Dinner. Romans, Power and Rubbish

The new exhibition from 14 june 2024.

Perfect Dinner. Romans, Power and Rubbish

The year is 39 AD. A distinguished visitor arrives in Augusta Raurica. A lavish feast is prepared for them. The leftovers end up in a pit, remaining undiscovered for nearly 2000 years.

Where will the celebrations take place? Who is invited? What will they drink? What do we have in common with Roman table culture? What are the differences to today?

The "Perfect Dinner. Romans, Power and Rubbish" exhibition allows you to be a guest at this extremely special event and takes you on a hunt for clues – what do the archaeological finds tell us? Take a look behind the scenes of a Roman feast and marvel at the abundance of information passed down to us from the rubbish of the time.

An exhibition in two halves. We will serve our aperitifs during the first portion of the 2024 exhibition, followed by the feast in 2025.

Supporting Program
Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of ancient times, participate in interactive tours, sample Roman wine in the workshops or learn about wine criticism.

Exhibition opening date