The Augusta Raurica team

More than 60 staff members work on excavating finds from Augusta Raurica, carefully storing them, restoring them where necessary, conducting multidisciplinary research, and making knowledge about them available to the public. Archaeologists, excavation supervisors, restorers and animal keepers are just a few of the many professions involved.

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Augst Excavations

Ausgrabungen Augst

We are responsible for expertly planning, conducting and documenting archaeological excavations of Roman structures on the land of what is now the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. We carry out surveys and sondages (trial excavations), supervise archaeological construction and perform planned emergency excavations. We also prepare documentation for the archives. The results of our work are published each year in the Augst and Kaiseraugst annual reports.

Kaiseraugst Excavations

Ausgrabungen Kaiseraugst

Our primary tasks involve conducting and documenting urgent excavations in Kaiseraugst caused by construction. This allows us to ensure that any archaeological artefacts or features are handled and recorded appropriately. An archaeologist, an excavation technician, and two scientific illustrators make up our team. We are part of the Roman City of Augusta Raurica and Aargau Cantonal Archaeology.



We work in the following areas: New arrivals inventory, inventory controls, and scientific inventories, plus national and international loans. New finds from the ongoing excavations (Augst, Kaiseraugst) are expertly cleaned, inventoried and packed. The items are then stored correctly in the storage facility. The responsible and sustainable handling of the finds is crucial for us in order to preserve them for future generations. Our team consists of two archaeologists, three collection technicians and five collection assistants.

Restoration of Finds


We are responsible for preserving and restoring the archaeological finds without altering their original substance or authenticity. We stipulate how the finds must be transported, packed and stored to ensure their preservation. We collaborate closely with the other departments on the excavation and collection, for loans and during exhibitions, and on research projects and outreach activities. Our team consists of qualified conservators and restorers.

Monument Restoration


We are responsible for preserving the Roman monuments and artefacts found on the grounds of Augusta Raurica. We also restore all objects made from stone and mortar, including architectural elements, mosaics and murals, and conduct research into ancient construction materials and techniques.

Archive & Information Centre

Archiv Informationszentrum

We safeguard all Augusta Raurica analogue and digital records, preserve them for eternity, and make them available to all staff, researchers, and interested parties. In short, we are the primary source of information for research, education and the general public. Our team is made up of archaeologists, a geographer and an archivist.

Research & Book Publishing

Forschung Buchverlag

We decide on the key areas of research together with our archaeology colleagues. We organise projects with the responsible researchers and prepare their work for publication. This ensures that the latest discoveries and findings from Augusta Raurica are shared with specialist circles and other interested parties.

Museum & Education

Museum Vermittlung

We design and implement various educational opportunities for a wide audience. We bring everyday Roman culture to life in Augusta Raurica through our exhibitions, informational panels across the site, workshops and events. We combine sharing knowledge with fun entertainment and contemporary relevance. The inclusion of people with disabilities is one of our top priorities.

Communication & Marketing

Kommunikation Marketing

We ensure that Augusta Raurica is featured in the media, that the Roman city receives likes and shares on social media, and that its workshops, guided tours, and exhibitions can be found online. In a nutshell: We stir up interest and put Augusta Raurica in the limelight. Professional content strategists, media specialists, social media gurus, and a graphic designer make up our team.

Visitor Services


We take care of the various school, group and individual visits to Augusta Raurica. We schedule and manage workshops, guided tours, and exhibition visits for our customers, welcome visitors to the museum, and manage events on the Castelen estate organised by the cantonal administration and the University of Basel. We also train business people from the cantonal administration. Simply put, we are the face and business card of Augusta Raurica for its customers. Our team consists of business people, hosts, tourism experts, and travel and hotel specialists.

Technical Service

Technischer Dienst

We keep the animal park running smoothly and are in charge of cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the whole facility and all of the animal shelters. We adhere to all safety and environmental protection regulations and provide timely services in the areas of maintenance, repair, and transportation. We also operate a 24-hour on-call service.

Central Services

Zentrale Dienste

We are the point of contact in all personnel-related matters for approximately 60 staff members. We organise and manage the financial and operational accounting tasks and are responsible for the systematic management and control of the Roman City's income, expenditure and investments. We also handle the purchasing of office supplies and serve as a point of liaison with the canton's information technology departments. Central Services also has connections to the administration of the Pro Augusta Raurica Foundation, the Hans and Hanna Bischof Foundation, and the Römerstiftung Clavel.