Conservation and Restoration

One of the main goals of the work being carried out at Augusta Raurica is the conservation of the ancient town and its objects and artefacts, both below and above ground. Although only a fifth of the archaeological substance preserved in the ground has so far been retrieved, any further intervention brings with it an irrevocable loss: a town that has survived in the ground for more than 2000 years will thus be destroyed.

Therefore, the work that is being undertaken at Augusta Raurica always has two sides: on one hand we would like to restore the monuments and artefacts and make them accessible to the public. On the other hand they are never as safe as where they are right now and have been for the past two millennia.

The methods employed at Augusta Raurica are internationally renowned and are constantly being reviewed. That way we put into practice the latest insights in the conservation and restoration process and try to preserve the ancient town for posterity as best we can.

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