The Roman city of Augusta Raurica

Our remit is to protect the Roman town of Augusta Raurica from destruction, to research and document it and to make it accessible to the public.

Augusta Raurica is one of the best-preserved Roman towns north of the Alps. It is therefore an important place of research, a monument of international appeal and thus draws a huge number of visitors. As an attractive place of relaxation Augusta Raurica is an important tourist destination for the region.

The staff at Augusta Raurica work under the legal remit to protect this cultural heritage from destruction, to research it by scientific means, and to record and examine the archaeological finds and features. It is also our duty to conserve the finds according to the latest research standards and to make them accessible to the public. In order to achieve this we rely on close collaboration between the various members of the team who possess a vast array of knowledge and skills from different areas of expertise.

Forschen - Erhalten - Vermitteln: Portrait der Römerstadt Augusta Raurica