Living in style at the Roman house

Find out what it was like to be Roman – the Roman house will provide you with this opportunity. It is a Roman villa fully furnished as it would have been at the time with numerous everyday items which you can touch. You will rarely come this close to the Romans.

Augusta Raurica Auf dem Weg zum Museum Foto Susanne Schenker

The Roman house is modelled on an urban villa in Pompeii. The residence of a wealthy Roman family has an interior courtyard with a garden and porticoes, a banquet hall, a private bath as well as rooms for sleeping and working. The well-equipped kitchen shows how people would have cooked at the time. From the rooms facing the road you can see a butcher’s shop with a kiln for smoking meat, a smithy and a bronze foundry – just like it would have been at the time. And the closer you look the more lovingly created details you will discover. You will be surprised.

The sight in the geodata viewer (GeoView BL)